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Trauma Counselling within the South African Context – Online Course



This is an online course regarding the very topical theme of Trauma Counselling. The minimum requirement to complete it successfully is 80% in order to receive the accredited certificate. There are ten sessions and each one has a couple of questions to be answered before moving to the next one. Regarding some of the sessions there are also voice presentations to be listened to as well as some attachments to be downloaded.

In this regard the following detail are important:

Session 1 – Look under ‘Attachments’ for the bibliography.

Session 2 – Voice presentation of CD no 1 is attached.

Session 3 – Voice presentations of CD’s no 2, 3 and 4 as well as Appendix 1 on Dissociation are attached.

Session 4 – Voice presentations of CD’s no 5 and 6 as well as Appendix 2 on the Holmes & Rahe Stress Scale are attached.

Session 6 – Voice presentation of CD no 7 is attached.

Session 7 – Appendix 3 on the Adapted square root as well as Appendix 4 on The Scheme of Darling are attached.

Session 10 – Appendix 5 regarding Important web pages is attached.


Click on the following link for a broad outline of this course:

Trauma Counselling Online Course – Structure

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