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The Impact of Bullying on Children and Adolescents

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In this course, there are four soundtracks as well as a manual with an emphasis on the following aspects:


CHAPTER 1 – INTRODUCTORY PERSPECTIVES                                            

  • Historical introduction       
  • A shift to cyberbullying                                                                   
  • The contributing role of ‘anonymity’ on the Internet     
  • Actuality within South-Africa     
  • The initiative of Prince William     
  • Statistics and extent                                                                          
    • Cyberbullying already begins at an earlier stage                              
    • The first ‘cyber cop’                                                                            

CHAPTER 2 – DEFINITION AND MOTIVATION                                             

  • Definition     
    • Bullying in general          
    • Cyberbullying                                                                                    
    • Cyberstalking                                                                                     
    • Internet ‘troll
  • Motifs and reasons that lead to bullying     
  • The parallel between online bullying and physical bullying     


  • The characteristics of a typical target     
  • Reasons why they are vulnerable     
  • Characteristics and symptoms of a child who is being bullied     
    • The impact and consequences of  bullying                                        
    • Bullying affects the whole family                                                       


  • Characteristics and indications of bullies     
  • The modus operandi of a bully                                                          
  • The supporters of a bully     
    • Consequences with regards to bystanders and spectators          
  • When your child is the bully     
    • Discussion with your child          
    • Empathy must be developed          

 CHAPTER 5 – PRACTICAL GUIDELINES                                                      

  • Parents should not be naïve     
  • Guidelines by the National Crime Prevention Council                       
  • Mobilization of bystanders and establishing a Code of conduct     
  • Guidelines for when your child is being bullied     
  • The importance of a structured anti-bullying program at schools
    • The model of Olweus                                                                          
      • The Bullying Prevention Co-ordinating Committee (BPCC)     
      • Equipment and training     
      • Using questionnaires                                                      
      • Staff discussion groups     
      • School rules     
      • Classroom events                                                                
      • Direct intervention and follow-up actions     
      • Parental involvement     
      • Adult/child interaction                                                      
      • Involvement of experts                                                      
      • Further characteristics and sub-objectives of the Olweus program
      • Results                                                       
  • What can your child learn from a negative situation?                                                                                            

 CHAPTER 6 – PASTORAL GUIDELINES                                                       

  • The child’s identity in Christ     
  • Poor discipline and a lack of boundaries     
  • Children should be taught what is acceptable and what is unacceptable
  • Equipping and schooling of young people                         
  • Treat others in the same way that you want to be treated     
  • How Jesus Christ dealt with bullies                                            
    • The situation in the temple                                        
    • Jesus defends Maria          
    • Jesus speaks up for Malchus          
  • Summary     
    • There is hope          


ANNEXURE A – Family’s Internet Safety Contract                                        

ANNEXURE B – The Olweus bullying questionnaire                                     

ANNEXURE C – Bullying questionnaires                                                      

ANNEXURE D – Important web pages and contact information                    



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